Jenna the astrologer tries to sell me her “reiki grid”


It’s quite a lot of fun to subscribe to an astrologer’s newsletter, to see how far they will go to sell you their particular brand of bullshit.

A while ago I subscribed to Jenna, at Naturally, she was SO PLEASED I contacted her, because she could instantly feel a strong connection to me. (The connection is so strong she doesn’t realise I’ve given her a false name, address and date of birth!)

Of course, “Jenna” is not a real person, just a name given to a marketing ploy. My responses to her “amazing” predictions about my future and assumptions about my life (ie “You’re a DAMN FRAUD, Jenna!”) were countered by “It’s so nice to hear from you Dear, I would love to help you but I need you to pay me first.”

So, I gave up trying to get a reaction and just allowed “her” to continue sending me emails, to see how silly it would get….. I was not disappointed 🙂

On May 10th I received another long, friendly, and very personal e-mail, telling me how wonderful I am, and how close she feels to me, how focussed she is on me, how she will always be at my service and be my very best friend.

AND, because she loves me so much (or at least, the person I’m pretending to be), she has made a very special Crystalline Reiki Grid for me. In her own words:

I want you to know that all of my attention and my vigilance is focused on you and I will always be at your service. I will not hesitate to tell you if a certain change or significant event is set to occur in your personal astrological configuration. Cherise, you can fully count upon my devotion. I will be here for you and I will be your friend and your astrologer.

I really wanted to produce a ‘Crystalline Reiki Grid’ for you, a grid which comes from a very ancient technique which I have now been using for a number of years with a great deal of success. I began this work very recently. This work aims at producing a very beneficial and positive magnetic influence and brings protection, chance and opportunity to the focus of of it’s energy through the interaction of a range of powerful precious stones. There is no magic or sorcery in all of this. We now know that magnetism exists as it has been proved by scientific techniques and it is certain that this energetic field can have extremely beneficial effects. The technique of the grid has existed for thousands of years and is extremely efficient. To give you a little more idea about what this means, the Grid is a way of arranging stones in a sacred geometric pattern. What is great about the Grid is that this pattern is then activated by a connection with a ‘line of light’ through the stones so that they radiate an energy field which then reaches out to the person the grid is destined for. I normally offer this work to those of my correspondents which I feel closest to and to those I want to bring very strong positive energy. Today Cherise this means you. To make this grid work properly for you and so that you get the best out of it’s influence, all you need to do is to concentrate on the photo which I have attached to this email. The grid will then be ‘activated’.

And here is the Grid:

I can see some quartz, and some other bits of rock, one or two of which may be ferrous, and therefore magnetic, placed around a two-coloured crayon pattern drawn with a compass. The note on the right refers to energy (always a dead give-away they don’t have a f*cking clue what they’re talking about), colour frequencies, vitality, balance and, of course, CHAKRAS!

The “line of sight” through the stones is supposed to generate the “magnetic energy field” that’s going to reach out and change my life when I concentrate on this accumulation of Scratch Patch left-overs. Really? How does that work EXACTLY?

I keep looking at it, but nothing is happening. Why not? Because some guy’s hastily assembled, badly photographed, badly written bit of woo is not going to convince any rational person of its magical powers, that’s why not!

Are there really people who buy into this utter crap? How crazy do you have to be to think there is some method a handful of common stones arranged on a kid’s drawing can generate an “energy field”? And then, assuming that “energy field” is activated and streaming at you from your PC or iPad’s screen, how exactly does it vitalise, balance and energise your chakras – which are themselves a load of self-delusional bullshit?

Just for the record, for those who aren’t already aware of the basic facts of reality and live in some fuzzy world where placebos rule their lives:

  • bits of stones do not generate energy fields, unless they are magnetic or radioactive
  • a magnetic field around a piece of iron is of very limited size (unless it’s a HUGE magnet) and such a field cannot and will not radiate out and change your life
  • there’s no such thing as a sacred grid. The above is a simple geometric drawing a 6-year-old could do without any difficulty. The “sacredness” is in the head of the humans who invented it.
  • staring at this picture may relax you, take your mind off your troubles for a while, even make you feel good if you are that way inclined. It will NOT change your environment or your life – you have to do that for yourself.
  • chakras are not real.

The bottom line, once again, is you should not be taken in by people claiming to be able to help you change your life with astrology, chakra-healing, reiki-healing, aura-healing or any other “alternative” ideology. They count on people’s hopes and dashed dreams to make themselves a nice little profit out of your gullibility.

Your life will only change, if you need it to, when you take control and make the changes happen for yourself.


I would like to repeat something I wrote in my post about Auras:

Try living each day as though it might be your last and ENJOY IT!  Love deeply and strongly; appreciate the kindness you receive, and give as much as you can in return; learn about the real world so you can understand why things happen – and tackle your problems head-on, instead of cowering behind irrationality;  be compassionate towards your fellow Earthlings – human and animal. Most of all – LOVE YOURSELF! Appreciate yourself, you are actually a Good Person :-)


70 comments on “Jenna the astrologer tries to sell me her “reiki grid”

  1. hello,
    two days ago for just fun i subscribed to jenna and she send me a mail hahahah.
    some astrological things going to happen in my life etc, etc hahahh. when i searched the net i found photo copy of the mail, many has received. because my was in aol she thaught i am an american hahhah.thanx a lot for your work

  2. I got the same exact bullshit from Jenna my personal pyschic. The picture of the reiki was the exact same as what you have above. The only difference is that she used my name “Eric”. Consider that “Eric” is the 16th most common male name in the US. My “name card” was probably just lying around and easy for Jenna to get. Unfortunately, Jenna and others like her pray upon people who are out on the Internet seeking help since something bad has happened in their life. It makes me sick to my stomach that a–holes like Jenna are taking advantage of individuals in emotional/financial need

  3. So disheartening about the reiki grid but I still can’t help but wonder if it works. I got the same exact grid and want to reconstruct it to see if it helps. Maybe we could send Jenna a healing and she’ll return all the money she bilked out of the people that sent her their hard earned dollars.

    • My Dear, please just sit back and think rationally for a second. HOW exactly would an arrangement of little pebbles on a geometric drawing be able to influence the outcome of your life, REALLY? There is no way a handful of randomly selected stones can magically understand your problems, and then magically sove them for you. Please don’t waste your time on this. If you have a problem, speak to someone about it, and get some help. I’m sure there are enough people who love you, who would be happy to help and support you 🙂

  4. It happens…………no doubt about your complains. But for my case it worked, Jenna is really genuine , there is nothing impossible under the sun, just believe and it will come to pass………………

    • Ok, Michael, so you say we should just suspend our rational judgement and BELIEVE that someone who sends exacfly the same “reading” to everybody is able to magically sort out our problems for us?

      There is a LOT that’s impossible under the sun, actually.

      I’m only approving this comment because I want people to see how SILLY blind belief and acceptance can be. This is a perfect example.

      • hi cathy

        I just received the same mail from Jenna on the reiki grid.I am yet to receive a demand for money .So awaiting the next mail to see how this proceeds.


      • Hi Ramesh

        Allow me to make a “psychic” prediction! She will try to sell you her rubbish for about $79, and when that doesn’t draw a response, she will keep dropping her price in a desparate attempt to get you to pay for the same stuff she sends EVERYBODY…. At least you won’t fall for it!

  5. Just because one person is a fake doesn’t make all of us fake.. I have with the help of channeling Reiki energy and the use of stones helped many people!! Cancer patients who were suffering horribly and dying and with a little help of Reiki energy these people were healed.. Does it help put all cancer patients into remission? No,,, I feel if a person is open to the healing energy and precious stones it indeed will help. If your not open it 1) may not work or 2) work and blow your mind that it did actually work.. I respect peoples decision to believe or not believe but the people that I have helped absolutely believe. I don’t even need to know your name or birthday. A simple photo is all I need to what I do.,. There really are people who can help beyond what you comprehend.. Its cool that you don’t get it but don’t bash everyone because one person is a fake… Oh, and I helped many people turn there lives around because people were putting bad things on people and I helped these people be released from what was SPIRITUALLY being done to these people..

    • Yes, the power of suggestion and self-delusion is indeed very strong…

      That doesn’t mean astrology, reiki, crystals or any other type of woo-woo is REAL though, does it?

      Were the cancer patients ALSO receiving chemotherapy and other medical interventions?

      There is not only one fake “psychic” peddling their wares out there – they are ALL fake, whether they know it or not, and whether their clients believe it or not.

      That’s the reality. Not ONE psychic has EVER demonstrated these so-called powers under controlled conditions. It’s all cold-reading, placebo and the power of suggestion. I dare you or anyone else to prove otherwise by applying for and winning the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge.

      Go on – astound us all!

      We won’t be holding our breath…..

  6. yes i received the same mail and same grid image 4 days ago. its work only for a fun. we can think that how many peoples are subscribing to this jenna in every day. may be 100s or thousands. and she is able to answer to all. how it is possible. i think this is possible because there is an automated email system and may be many people are working in this JENNA COMPANY

    any way im happy to see your blog. thanks for ur work.

  7. I dont know whom to beleive and whom not to beleive. Jenna asked me money before now she sent me the same and exactly carbon copy of the picture but notdemanding money. So I cant say I dont trust her. As some one said she may not look into every email Thats the reason we get automated replies. God is great. Let him decide who is right and who is cheating the peolple who are desparate for help.

    • Hi Chandra
      Please don’t be fooled by Jenna! The fact that all her responses to every person are the same should SURELY strike you as odd? Even if you believe in astrology, don’t you think there should be a difference between her “readings” for each person?
      If you doubt that Jenna is a fake, please read my posts on Norah the so- called psychic. These people are all liars, cheats and swindlers of the lowest sort!

    • If God is great! Which I think he is, why are you looking for a future and a hole from an false phrophet? I think your statement for God and an astrologer in one paragraph is Hipocritical! Christians should not be involved with this! Unless you are referring to a different God as there are many. If I remember correctly the bible says we are not to seek council or advice from the stars but from the heavenly council! I’m not here to judge but u can’t be with for the world and the Heavenly Father at the same time.

  8. Dear Cat;
    I stumbled upon your site and you really BROKED my Crystalline Reiki Grid! OMG!
    How dare you don’t believe in this! and how did you get into my email account and read my email from Jenna! Please stop sharing my personal emails with the entire WWW! 😀

      • how dare you say I am funny! Please do not disrespect the Ricki Martin Grid! those rocks are the best that Jenna ever made! can’t you tell?

      • Yup, I agree, the GRID probably IS the best thing she’s ever done – because the rest of it is even WORSE mindless drivel!

        Thanks for lightening up my morning at work, Bo 🙂

      • I meant the Crystal Line Reiki Rocks(TM) i think she probably smokes them too. and those Strong vibrations are kinda creepy. she must have used her Crsytal Rocks too much haha well at least she didnt propose to me yet on email. have a great one!

    • Omg i found my soul mates! Lol
      Hey i got y’alls back now cat fight begins! Go get that Reiki Reiki woo woo woman now! Jokes aside could everybody tell us when they were born so that we could proove that we were all random?her readings were so scary and had a lot of truth(not kidding) and i want to be in denial too! 😀
      June 18- a true gem here
      How about you?

  9. Hi All…
    she wrote to me abt some cosmic transit that is going to take place in my Life … and that will happen in 88days.. so I need to hurry up and pay her $80 and she will help me …. this year is going to represent an important turning point in my life …. I kept thinking about it and wanted to pay her aswell … but my finance did not allow me … then she dropped her rate to $55 … I did not ask for help and later forgot all about it … and now I have got the same Reiki Grid …. And i was born on 10th of March ….

    I think this is the easiest way to make money online … I could have fallen into the trap …

  10. Hi ti all,
    yep i got the same stone/pebbles grid for $55.And the same copy paste mail with a very very strong connection at the very beginning of the year.
    Thank God and my instinct that i did make the right decision to not to sent her any money. But i wanted to know that how far she can go….so am still subscribed to those same letters ……which say (after a certail intervail) that am going to have such a golden perion and a turning point in my life…blah blah blah…..and she will pray for me for some dollars….he he he…..(PRAYING FOR SOMEONE FOR MONEY????)lets see how long she can follow anyone ,without any response.

  11. Hy cathy, thxs that janne is really a fraud.I can’t believe someone could actually play with our minds and normal life problems.I got that grid crap of her.thxs.u saved me.

    • I’m very glad I could help, Pihu!

      Please Like or Share my blogpost on your Facebook or Google+ page – the more people I can convince of the truth about Jenna and Norah and her ilk, the better!

      I get SO ANGRY when I think of how they deceive and lie and steal, under the disguise of helping people…It’s the easiest money making scam in the world!!

  12. I have received so many email from jenna but she did not force me to pay she only ask me to Pay if I want to have more emails that all but then I was so broke that I don’t have any money to subscribe to her

  13. I’ve been getting emails from Jenna as well & I like to believe that I am far too book smart AND street smart to be scammed, HOWEVER; just because you don’t believe in certain stuff doesn’t give you the right to be harsh & intolerant!! We’re all different, with all sorts of believes, if something isn’t for you so be it but find a better way to come across. I personally believe in chakras & energy; there’s so much more going on than we’ve been conditioned to believe & trust me there was a time when I woulda did this exact same thing you just did, inserting your ego in order to be right & discount someone’s believes is one of the biggest things we humans do & one of the biggest problems on earth. Maybe Jenna is a fraud, karma will deal with her if that’s the case but there are people who know & can feel & we all have the ability but it’s bogged down in superficial bs, daily overstimulation, crappy food, etc. I would advise you to find a better more constructive way to come off inthe future because right now you just seem douchie…

    • Toy Boat…you have obviously sprung a leak! Your critical thinking skills are sloshing around in a sea of WOO! I think they may be drowning… need a reality check.

      Jenna is a scam artist. If she really had psychic skills, do you think she’d be sending EXACTLY the same bullshit to every person that responde to her advert? She’s exactly like Norah the “world class psychic” – they are out to make a quick buck out of people who don’t question anything, just pay and get MORE rubbish, MORE embroiled in the crap, until eventually the penny drops. Guess what, none of it is true, and you’ve been scammed, you poor fool…

      I am trying to warn people about this, maybe educate them a little, teach them to THINK and investigate and find out the truth BEFORE they part with their money.

      And no, “karma” won’t sort Jenna out in the end, because karma is just as much of a load of delusional bullshit as astrology, psychics, reiki, etc.

      Here’s a simple fact you should consider: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT ANY OF IT IS TRUE!!!

      If astrology really worked, there’d be no unhappy people around, if reiki could cure, there’d be reiki hospitals instead of real hospitals, if psychics could see the future, they’d be able to actually help people. But they can’t because it’s just a scam, an easy way to make money, and people are SO gullible they just lap it up.

      There is no energy field in your body, no chi has EVER been identified. If you think you can prove otherwise, go ahead. I’m sure the scientific world would be delighted!

      But please remember, the plural of anecdote is NOT evidence.

      I am not going to change my tone when I write about these scam artists. They make me angry, and I get sad when I think of how many people trust them, only to be lied to and cheated. They are the douche bags, not me. If you can’t see that then you really are stupid.

  14. I also got the same grid, but mine is special. It has my name on the top. I would like to thank Jenna for a very special care, but accidentally I saw this blog. Cathy, you blew my positive cosmic waves. Ha ha ha.
    It’s good work cathy, it seems u r spending equal time on this, as does Jenny.

  15. Hey, guess my stone grid radiates similar kinda energy like u guys. I recieved a same mail from over friendly Jenna saying that she has a deep connection with me. And now, she send another saying she is gonna start a very difficult work so that I can tap my dormant potentials. But thanx to this post, my horoscope predictions took a sharp turn! Guess the magnetic energy din work.

  16. I agree that Jenna is a fraud, but don’t talk about chakras when you don’t know ANYTHING about them. They ARE real and I have been using crystals for months and it helped me A LOT!

  17. Jenna is a fraud, but don’t talk about chakras when you don’t know ANYTHING about them. They ARE real and I have been using crystals for months and it helped me A LOT!

    • I don’t need to know anything about chakras to know that there is no proof of their existence, and that crystals cannot influence your health or happiness in any way. If you choose to believe that they help you, then good for you. That doesn’t make it real however. It’s all in your head.

      • There are many people who I know who used crystals, and they DO feel better. You think you’re so rational and smart, and that I’m not. Almost everytime when I buy another crystal, while I hold it in my hand I feel like the energy is going through my hand, and it’s not just my experience! Sometimes if I hold it for a longer time on my skin it gets warmer. If you ever studied physics you would know that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. You also can’t see radio, electricity or television signals but they are there.

      • I HAVE studied physics, all my life as a matter of fact. And that is precisely why I can speak with some knowledge about this. Yes, according to physics, matter can be converted to energy – VAST amounts of energy as in the atomic bomb. The energy in ordinary matter is NOT available to be used by regular people at will, however.
        I am rational, and educated enough to not be fooled by irrational ideas like manipulation of energy from bits of pretty stone! There has not been a single experimental proof of the so-called power of chakras and crystals. Nobody has EVER seen a chakra. I choose to believe in what is real, not what is in the overactive imaginations of people trying to make money out of the silly beliefs of others. If you believe a piece of stone can change your life, good for you. But be assured, you are being duped.

      • No, of course you don’t have to accept reality if you prefer to fool yourself into believing nonsense. That is your choice. I certainly don’t respect it becauae I think it is important to evaluate the evidence and question all claims – ESPECALLY if the claim is not supported by common sense and has absolutely no basis in reality. Chakras and crystals are purely magical thinking, and no sensible person should be taken in by the people who make money out of those ideologies. Of course, if you choose to waste your money, that is your business. I am only interested in exposing the truth and hopefully encouraging people to think logically. My efforts clearly go over the heads of people who are so deeply deluded that nothing would change their minds, such as yourself. Bye

      • Thankss soooo Much Cathy… Ur’e D Best…U just saved a Soul from d Wicked hands of Jenna I’ll keep sharing and Posting Ur Msgs on my facebook Page to Educate other people who have falling Victim of it., or are abt to fall for It…. thanksss sooooo Much, and Ignore wat D Haters are saying…U said it allll.. ….

  18. I knew she was a scam right after I received her first email in which she repeated my name around 1000s times! Actually she does this with all her emails which is always a dead give away for a con artist or someone who is trying to hypnotise you covertly. Folks, that reiki grid was made specially for me. It has my name on it and am not sharing!

  19. I also got fallen for it after 3 repeated mails from her. I even chatted with her but she dint replies the way she does in her readings. I thank to myself that i searched about her. Otherwise i would have been conned. I would have paid her in like 48 hrs. i seriously felt each and every word that she said was right. Feeling like i was hypnotised. thanks you all. To open my eyes.

  20. I almost believed all tht jenna said, I must say I’m abit crushed, she sounded really friendly and genuine, reiki grids, haha, people would do anything for money, even exploit peoples lives.

  21. Jenna the astrologer….is one of the smartest scams alive…u’l b a dumbfuck 2 believe her.thx cathy…for making them understand hw mch of a scam jenna is.tried going 2 her site,just for the fun of it…and got bs reading….my friend did the same,and paid,now she’s full of regrets.that shii aint real…y’all best believe’s a fucktard,and her doom awaits her.***peace****

  22. Tnx Cathy for sharing this important info abt Jenna.

    She really is frauding ppl. Even if u request a reading, it doesn’t even talks abt u personally meaning tht wht she claims she possess is not real. Tnx agn.

  23. I was sent the same one lol..I agree with all you put out there for this ty Cathy for your mention of this…Your blog was very helpful and I agree completely.

  24. Two words that everybody should have…”COMMON SENSE.” Everybody wants answers to a question that only you can answer. If it sounds to good to be true “RUN” save your money to pay your bills. In Jesus name AMEN!

  25. hi cathy plz try to do something constructive rather than blowing peoples’ happy bubbles.humans need this happy delusions.just like u have fun and satisfaction from busting these scams some derive happiness from believing one is idiot.every one is capable of taking care of their let them enjoy this thing which u call woo! stay happy take care.

    • I think you have completely missed the point, Bindu. I am being very constructive by exposing the lies astrologers tell. I don’t think it’s healthy to have “happy delusions,” and it’s just plain silly to pay some internet charlatan to send you the same load of horseshit they’re sending to EVERY OTHER schmuck that responds to them!
      And yes, it is fun and I do derive satisfaction from proving that it’s a scam. I’m very glad that some people have heard what I have to say about the matter, and have stopped themselves from paying “her” for her “advice.”
      And no, not everyone is capable of taking care of themselves – many, many people are taken in and actually BELIEVE the bullshit.
      Fortunately, they can be shown what is really going on, and maybe they can learn to think rationally – that’s the whole point of the exercise 🙂

  26. I got the “I have a connection with you” thing from ”her”, ‘him’ or ‘it’ …who knows. I was a recently a victim of a marriage scam and thank God I got rid of the marriage scammers by police help after 4 months…even though I am hurt, the marriage scam experience taught me to always double check on things because many things and many people are not what you would swear they are. Be careful…trust only God…not even your own selves.

    • Well, I disagree about trusting in any of the many gods… I think you should investigate, think for yourself, and try to make sensible decisions based on your own common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is not all that common anymore….

  27. I subscribed to jenna in 28th april 2014, and I too got an email from her about an important astological transit which will last for onr month…she was asking me $80 and followed by other mails when I replued her she mailed me back and reduced her price to $55…i stil cannit decide whether she is fake or not ( 😦 seriously I whther should give her green light ir not ).

  28. Jenna ni mwizi anayecheza na mawazo ya mtu husika, unatakiwa kuwa mjanja na mambo unayokutana nayo kwa mtandao…. we depend on each other as we are exposed to life in differ ways, hence, tackling of lies among ourselves differs.. Jenna has to be exposed Globaly

  29. I av just received this same image of a grid from Jenna, infact i dont know wat a grid is so i decided to look it up, n wow here is d same pic. cant just believe i was carried away by this bullshit. Thanks so much for letting us no.

  30. Hi Lady
    U r such a sweety and appreciate Ur efforts to point out the scammers so tat more innocents will not be cheated. I am quite surprised when u said abt chakras not real. Can u elaborate more on tat Hon? Would love to hear Ur part. Thanks

    • Hello Baasha. Thank-you for your kind comments – I appreciate it!
      Chakras are not physically real – they have never been found in the body, and the energy fields they supposedly affect have never been shown to exist in the human body. Chakras are a Hindu/Sanskrit religious idea, so they are part of people’s imagination and spiritual ideas. Any effect practitioners may feel through using chakras to do whatever it is they’re supposed to do, is purely a placebo effect.
      If you have any scientific evidence to the contrary, I’d love to hear it 🙂

  31. I received an “energetic grid” from another astrologer named Mary..she is as fake as my boobs! She stole this rock shit from Jenna!!! A fraud stealing from a fraud how sad how motherfucking sad!!!

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