Auras – another way to heal?

I have a young friend (who shall remain nameless), who is firmly convinced he can see people’s Auras –  a colourful glow, like a halo, emanating mainly from the head but sometimes from the entire body. My friend has to concentrate really hard, staring at someone intently for a minute or two, until the Aura appears.

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds exactly like a simple after-image to me – like when you stare at a green dot on a piece of white paper for about a minute, then look away and see a red or pink after-image which gradually fades away. It’s a very common optical illusion caused by retinal fatigue and other natural processes related to the visual system and the brain.

Stare at the green dot for 30 seconds, and then look at a blank white wall.

When I mentioned this possibility, my young friend gave me a “Look” and told me he had once seen a man at an ice-rink who was surrounded by a huge, multicoloured, pulsating aura – and that was no after-image!

So, what exactly are Auras, why do some people claim to be able to see them, and what significance do they have – if any?

Auras are yet another New Age phenomenon – an “electromagnetically-generated” colourful series of outlines that emanate from all living creatures, from bugs to bears and everything in-between, and reflect the metaphysical life force / energy /chi / soul or whatever you decide to call it.

Human auras are said to be generated by the chakras – 7  flower-shaped or wheel-like “energy structures” within the human body. These are strategically located – outside the head, between the eyes (the “third eye”), in the throat, the heart, the navel, the last bone of the spine, and the “tip of the sexual organ.” (Here we go again – it’s so MALE-centered! What happens if my sexual organ doesn’t have a tip? I’m a woman – we aren’t built like that!)

You will notice that they are illustrated in order exactly corresponding to the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – with the Indigo corresponding to the third eye. I wonder if this has anything to do with “Indigo Children”? An interesting question I will leave for another post!

Apparently you need Special Psychic Powers to be able to see Auras (I bet Norah has it down to a fine art!)

Robert Bruce, an Aura Expert, says:

The human aura is both an energy field and a reflection of the subtle life energies within the body. These energies make us what we are and in turn are affected by our surroundings and life style. The aura reflects our health, character, mental activity and emotional state. It also shows disease – often long before the onset of symptoms.

And exactly HOW do we read an Aura? By the pretty colours! Bright Yellow is Sunny and Exhilarating, Green is for Healing and Teaching, Blue is Peaceful and Contemplative, and so on. Actually, that’s a bit too specific – there is rough agreement on what the primary colours mean, but the more subtle colours are largely left up to the psychic’s imagination.

Assuming you think you may be clairvoyant, how do you conduct an Aura Healing Session?

  • It is best to work in daylight, and to remove your crystals from the room because they may interfere with the electromagnetic field of the aura. (Good idea to turn off the Telly too.)
  • Stand your subject in front of a white background, and look at their side – left or right side, it doesn’t matter
  • After a while you will start to see their electromagnetic energies as “wavy lines of energy”
  • You may notice two or three colours in the aura. You can use your own intuition to decide what those colours mean – there are no hard and fast rules, so you can gaily make it up as you go along. You will undoubtedly still get paid.
  • If you notice any holes in the aura, these may indicate illness, or “imbalance” in the subject’s body
  • Feel free to take a wild guess as to what that illness might be, and inform your subject that they have an emotional problem that is causing this illness
  • Ask them if they are willing to be healed – at the soul level first – if not, the problem with the aura will revert back to a different part of their body
  • Assuming you have laid it on thick, and they acknowledge that their soul is indeed sick, you can start moving your hands around slowly in their aura field, mingling your aura with theirs
  • This will balance their chi / life force / energy field / soul and heal whatever was ailing them
  • Or not.
  • Be careful not to give any guarantees that this “healing” will actually heal anything – a clever disclaimer in fine print at the bottom of your advertising is normally sufficient.

So, the question is – are these people simply deranged, or is there evidence that auras exist and can tell us what the psychics say they can?

I have a few problems with the whole concept:

  • The aura-generating chakra structures have never been found or demonstrated to exist is any way. Yes, I know people have believed in them in one form or another for centuries – but that doesn’t make them actually, physically REAL. Attempts to link the chakras to the human endocrine system (as suggested by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce) have never been verified.
  • Chi / life force / body energy fields have likewise never been shown to be anything other than imaginary. Remember, widespread belief is no guarantee that it’s actually THERE. (The same applies to the myriad gods people have ardently believed in and fought wars over for millennia.)
  • The electromagnetic fields in the human body are tiny, they don’t protrude beyond the body, and there is no evidence they can be interpreted as indicating anything about one’s personality or state of health. They are simply the result of natural biological processes: nerve impulses and your beating heart.
  • If there was an internally-generated electromagnetic field around your body, you couldn’t use a hand-held compass – and yet clearly you can!
  •  Visual phenomena such as auras can be explained without resorting to the  supernatural or metaphysical.
  • Photos of auras can be faked, or generated using galvonometers or Kirlian photography (which both react to moisture on the skin.) Here is an excellent explanation, by Joe Nickell of CSI.

In all my reading and exploration of subjects such as auras, labyrinths, astrology, psychics, religion  and so on, it has become very clear to me that many people are searching for control of their lives.

We live in a rapidly changing world, with so much happening that affects us, but that we cannot control. Climate change, economic recessions, poverty, pollution, natural disasters, viral pandemics…

Are these irrational belief systems not just a way of coping? Trying to bury one’s head in the sand and hoping it will all just go away? It seems to me that people are trying so hard to divorce themselves from reality because the hard truth about our existence is too much for them:

  • the fact that medical care and hospitalisation is expensive and sometimes unsuccessful, and that there are some diseases we don’t yet have a cure for – so they reject scientific medicine and instead pray for divine intervention, or turn to reiki, aura healing, chakra therapy, reflexology, magnetic therapy and the like. (Isn’t it hilarious that when they’re in a car accident, or have a heart attack or a stroke they are 100% in favour of scientific medicine!)
  • the fact that their parent, partner or child is dead – so they go to a psychic to try to contact them, or get comfort from the idea that they will see that person again in Heaven. (They never consider that their Loved One may have ended up in that other religious invention – Hell)  (Hell must be a very empty place – all those demons sitting around playing cards, picking their teeth with their pointy sticks… )
  • the fact that they have no control over what could happen in the future – so they turn to astrology, reading their horoscope every day for “guidance” pulled out of someone’s backside
  • the fact that they will inevitably die – so they turn to religion in the hope of an afterlife (in Heaven of course, never in Hell)

All of the above will cost you time and money, and will not make a jot of difference. You may feel better, but nothing will have really changed….

I have a suggestion:

Try living each day as though it might be your last and ENJOY IT!  Love deeply and strongly; appreciate the kindness you receive, and give as much as you can in return; learn about the real world so you can understand why things happen and tackle your problems head-on, instead of cowering behind irrationality;  be compassionate towards your fellow Earthlings – human and animal. Most of all – LOVE YOURSELF! Appreciate yourself, you are actually a Good Person 🙂

You can do all of these things without help from any gods, or psychics, or quacks. You can do them because you WANT to – not to score points towards an eternal reward, or to avoid an eternal punishment.

And when you are on your last legs you will be able to look back at your life and smile – free from worry over those non-existent demons, and happy in the knowledge that you won’t have to spend eternity worshipping a megalomaniac egotist with a seriously sadistic streak!


16 comments on “Auras – another way to heal?

  1. Fortunately I never mentioned anything about healing or reading people’s minds by their auras, but their existence is, to me, an undeniable fact. I could just as easily deny my nose because I can only see a half-shadow of it if I squint, without using trick photography… doesn’t mean it isn’t always there.

  2. well, arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win you’re still retarded, so I’m not gonna argue that one. but still, to me it’s undeniably there. and no, I can see it without having to turn and face a white area…

  3. You mention Edgar Cayce; in fact, he was able to see the aura. Shortly before his death in 1945, he wrote: “Ever since I can remember I have seen colors in connection with people. I do not remember a time when the human beings I encountered did not register on my retina with blues and greens and reds gently pouring from their heads and shoulders […] sickness, dejection, love, fulfillment – these are all reflected in the aura, and for me the aura is the weathervane of the soul. […] An aura is an effect, not a cause. Every atom, every molecule, every group of atoms and molecules … tells the story of itself, its pattern, its purpose, through the vibrations which emanate from it … when I see an aura, I see the man as he is …”
    This is only an excerpt, but still quite interesting.
    Your suggestion is great, we should all live in the NOW!
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Hello Germany! Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my blog on auras.

      That is an interesting quote from Cayce. I gather you’re interested in him, as your blog is called “cayce portal”?

      Given that auras have never been proven to exist, and there is no feasible mechanism for the body to produce them – what do you think was really going on in his head?

      It sounds like he may have had a problem with his eyes, or was suffering from a form of migraine?

      Or, Cayce could simply have been making it all up: what’s more likely – that the laws of nature were suspended for his benefit, or that he was fibbing?

      I know which one I’d vote for!

      • Hi Cathy, thanks for the reply! Yep, I’m interested in Edgar Cayce and my blog is supposed to deal with some misunderstandings about him. Sure, he had eye problems (wearing glasses) and I’m sure he had migraine as well now and then, as we all have 😉

        Well, I’d love to quote Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy”. If we only look for and depend on what is proven, we’d have no progress. But every day, scientists discover something new and have to adapt their views. Often enough, those things that were right only one year before, are suddenly proven wrong. I believe the most interesting fields of science are quantum physics and epigenetic control. Did you know that a thought is energy and can really be measured? Did you know that we can improve our health by the power of our thoughts?

        Our knowledge of the laws of nature is quite limited, so let’s not judge on the professed ability of others. Auras have never been proven to exist – but they have never been proven NOT to exist. And it is probably not the body that produces them – human beings are more than just body and we have many ways of creating.

        Wishing you all the best down in beautiful South Africa!

      • Hello “Cayceportal” (sorry, I don’t know your name…)

        I’d like to comment on your statement that “Auras have never been proven to exist – but they have never been proven NOT to exist,” because it is a common argument made by people who accept the existence of all sorts of unproven phenomena.

        If something cannot be shown to exist, is there any reason to suppose that it does in fact exist, without any evidence?

        If I say there is a ring of purple daisies circling the sun, you might not be able to prove that I’m incorrect – but that doesn’t mean you should entertain such an absurd idea. It is physically unlikely a ring of daisies could maintain an orbit around a star – it would be contrary to known laws of nature.

        If I would send a rocket probe to the area in space I claimed my ring of purple daisies was situated, and if no ring could be found, you could safely assume I’m making it up. The burden of proof would be on me to prove my claim – if I can’t do that, then nobody should take my claim seriously. The burden of proof is not on you to prove I’m wrong in making my claim.

        Our knowledge of the laws of nature are not limited – progress has been incredibly rapid and our knowledge grows every day. In very specific areas where research is still ongoing, such as particle physics, incurable diseases and the like, there is still much to discover. Science is continually making progress towards a more complete picture of our reality. We never stop trying to discover the truth about our universe.

        Nobody has ever been able to prove that they can diagnose a person’s state of health by gazing at their aura, or by any other psychic means. There is a million dollar prize to anyone who can do it – you’d think that would be enough of an incentive for someone to try to prove their abilities, and yet nobody has ever been able to do so.

        You say it is “probably not the body that produces the aura” – what do you think does produce it? And if it’s not the body, how can the aura be used to diagnose and cure illness in the body – that doesn’t seem to tie up with what I’ve read on the subject. (Cayce himself seemed pretty certain the aura he saw was produced by the body, according to the quote you posted yesterday.)

        You say that thoughts are energy and can be measured – I agree that brain scans can measure increased activity in areas of the brain associated with the firing of neurons and increased blood flow. I don’t accept that the body can be healed by the power of thought, except insofar as the placebo effect has been shown to be effective in mild illnesses where a person would get better on their own anyway, in time.

        Just as a matter of interest – do you think you can see auras?

      • Hi Cathy, sorry, I forgot the rules of politeness! My name is Stefanie.

        No, I’ve never been able to see auras, and I don’t consider it as necessary for my own personal development. However, I see here and now that our opinions clash. This discussion leads to nowhere, because none of us is willing to change her point of view. That’s perfectly ok, we are two wonderful women each living in her own world 🙂

        So I suggest we accept that we have different opinions and go on living our own lifes. Have a wonderful life!


      • Hi Cathy, this is Stefanie again. Why I “gave up”? Well, because I believe in rationality, too! I see no use in continuing a discussion if I’m not able to convince my partner in discussion. Your point of view is cemented – mine is, too. It’s illogical to continue. All the best, Stefanie

      • Hi Stefanie, You’re right – we will never agree because our views are completely opposite to one another. From my point of view, aura healing is totally irrational, but from your point of view it’s perfectly rational…. Did you read the report from the University of Granada that came out today, where they proved that auras are most likely a result of synesthesia? You should check out the link, and maybe read the original research, if you have the inclination? I read it today – pretty interesting!

  4. Cathy,
    As a fellow sojourner in a world full of faith, ideology, and philosophical oppression by a culture driven more and more by materialistic ends… I applaud your attempt to designate your own mission as an analysis of these esoteric ideas through a skeptical “scientific, or rational” way..
    For we need to justify ideas through physical manifestations of their truth…

    But inasmuch as we can derive parallel philosophical ideas out of different religions, you must admit that the mind has a much more profound effect upon the people around it than our culture admits to. All faiths regardless of their creed seek to guide their believers in thought, and action in order to live a more holy life.. a dissent and dissatisfaction of the cultures that existed during their creation. Its not by preaching love and pacifism alone that we create these holy people… as history can tell us through the Schism of the Church, Crusades, the claim of rightful lineage to Mohammed.. and many many many more examples up to modern evangelicalism preaching hate and Jihadist Muslims.

    But central to most faiths is the acceptance of man as brother and the spread of unconditional love. This divide between the goal and the reality is because our culture has always dominated our lives over religion with nationalistic and hierarchal influences.
    The greed of the man who possesses power is spread to the believers wanting to do good but only being able to emulate the processes given to them in thought, and deed. That being said, we also draw from people who seem to glow with energy and happiness.. I’m sure you can think of a few friends whose elation or good disposition has rubbed off onto you when you were having a bad day..
    I think we must not deny the inherent association of these events as products of just social interaction.

    And then theres that whole doctrine of “The Secret” .. the book and movie which claim that by the “Laws of attraction” ..truly believing you own a mansion, envisioning yourself as living that lifestyle.. the universe will eventually give you the opportunity to attain it, by attracting people to you who think on the “same level”. But on the same token, all negative thoughts are also reflected in your life. If you believe yourself to be a scumbag, you will find yourself eventually surrounded by real scumbags.
    —- now while i think that its all a crock and a tool someone used to make a living, it is true that disposition can effect and change your reality. And it is true that by just by thinking thoughts or becoming aware of them, your deeds might change to reflect your thinking. Aligning who we want to be with who we are is a big challenge in life.

    In My Own Opinion:
    I believe this is because our thoughts do resonate beyond our physical bodies. We have an empathic drive physiologically– we’ve begun this discussion within mirror neurons, but beyond this we have to recognize in living things our abilities to assess situations without any stimuli. Some pets seem to sense fear, or sadness. When you walk into a room full of tension, even without the body language.. say you walk into a seemingly empty house, your body can “feel the bad vibes” –and of course this is a subjective experience, but if you open yourself to receive it, you may find yourself realizing its presence more and more.

    In our culture we’ve been taught to use our senses, primarily sight, to assess the situations and interact with the world.
    but beyond our mere bodily senses lies an empathic drive to feel each other on a deeper level, and attain intersubjectivity.. to understand a singular experience of another in the same way that they do themselves. I’ve found that by being open to the idea that thought can carry some of this weight of “mood, state of being..etc” outside the body, I can address my friends in ways that help them better, by recognizing their state rather than believing their body language… because more often than not it never tells the real story.

    I think the problem with separating the mumbo-jumbo with the true wisdom within it is a problem of sorting out dialectical illusions.

    If Auras do exist… their manifestation is not that of a color within the visible spectrum of light as we experience yellow, or green in our daily lives. I liken it to an idea of harmonics of music. Imagine our visible spectrum as one octave in the higher range of waves. We could assign colors to waves outside our spectrum, just as A4 sounds like A2 but different, but they wouldnt be anything like the colors we can imagine. And while you say we havent scientifically proven its existence and therefore must deny it.. we’re only beginning to form modern theorys about these empathic physiologies like mirror neurons, and are constantly redefining our ideas about how brain function works. While science has created progress in medicine, it can only be to an end that we believe that our current state is the right one. Your absolutely right, if I have a heart problem, im going to seek a medical professional.. but I think the ideas of Auras extend beyond healing physical ailments to a more profound intersubjective awareness.

    I have not for myself discovered the efficacy of these “aural healers” myself yet.. and I plan to explore it at least.. but I know my sister went in to a “chakra aligning” completely skeptical.. 3 minutes in, she attempted to say the words “This isn’t working” but while saying them found herself uncontrollably laughing and crying at the same time. She was profoundly affected by the physical manifestation of her emotions and thoughts during the session and disposition afterward. And I dont think of my sister as a liar, or one who would exaggerate her experience to me.. so I’m open to the idea of it working.

    I encourage you to attempt more research into Theosophy.. or more specifically hermetic philosophy.. and its influence and reappearance in modern religions (such as the Cabala, or Alchemy within Christianity) –you might then see more credence to the ideas of astrological and mental influence.

    The other caveat I have to add is that the internet is not the place to be conducting this search. You’ll never sift through all the bullshit to find the gems of truth.

    Just as Rastafari believe The bible came from god but was transformed by white man to its current state of babylon.. People wanting power (like money) or recognition are always going to veil the truth behind illusions… even if they believe themselves to be doing the good work.

    But at least your interested in talking about these ideas in the first place, its a great place to start an inward spiritual journey… if you believe in your ability to attain Self actualization through thought and deed. And the justification of the truth is in your happiness. And if you call that an object of Faith, so be it.. im a happy believer.

    Not that this was meant to persuade you or anything, I just thought you’d be interested to hear my take on it.

    • That was quite a response you wrote there, Saturnian Night, and I appreciate you taking the time to contribute towards the debate.

      I’ll respond to your points in the order you wrote them:

      I don’t accept that your mind can affect those around you – rather that people (in their entirety) affect other people, by their words and actions.

      I don’t think being “holy” is a good thing. I think being compassionate, truthful and thinking rationally are better.

      Religions may preach the doctrine of unconditional love, but they certainly do not live up to it. Religions, especially christainity, tell you that unless you live a certain way you will be punished in hell for all eternity – so therefore you had better strive to be good! I don’t think that breeds true goodness – it breeds subservience and fear.

      You are correct that “The Secret” is the biggest load of bollocks under the sun. If simply believing could cause you to accumulate wealth, the world would be full of wealthy people, and if simply believing could bring good health, there would be no cancer, aids, heart disease etc.

      I have taken the trouble to subscribe to the services of one of the better-known “Secret” promoters, just to see how they go about their method. I can tell you that it really is just a load of mumbo-jumbo. You are meant to tell yourself every day that you will be healthy, happy, wealthy, etc…..and if it doesn’t happen, well you obviously did it wrong, but please pay up anyway. What a crock of SHIT! It’s the reason a parent’s ardent prayers won’t cure their child’s leukemia – wishful thinking does NOT make it happen. Getting out there and DOING something about your situation, positively seeking the solutions to your problems – that has a much better chance of helping you achieve your goals.

      The same applies to the so-called chakra healers. Again, out of curiosity, I subscribed to a very well-known chakra healer’s services, and read through her daily rituals and meditations. What a load of absolute horseshit. What she says doesn’t even make sense, and you are supposed to just accept that doing these rituals, and BELIEVING it will work, will bring you health, wealth and happiness. No, it won’t. Hard work, good relationships, taking care of your body and eating properly, and good genetics – that works. I can’t comment on your sister’s experience, except to say that the mind is very easily influenced in the right setting 🙂

      You say you believe “our thoughts do resonate beyond our bodies” – what exactly do you mean by that? If you mean that our thoughts, translated into actions, help us achieve our goals, then I understand and agree.

      People and animals are good at reading expressions and body language – we have evolved that way – it is essential in a society to be able to empathise with others, without words. However, I have never walked into a room and felt “bad vibes” unless I knew the people in the room were angry at me for some reason, or I felt guilty about something, or I needed to face someone I had a problem with. Yes, we need to have empathy, really listen to people, and feel compassion – I go out of my way to do that, and it has made me a very happy person 🙂

      I have NEVER walked into an empty room and felt anything weird. And I don’t think that opening myself up to the possibility of the room having bad vibrations would make me feel anything either. I don’t accept the existence of the supernatural, so I am not afraid of ghosts. I don’t believe in an afterlife, so I am not afraid of “haunted houses”.

      There is very interesting new research out of the University of Granada, which links auras to synesthesia – the neurological condition where stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway in the brain results in an automatic, involuntary stimulation of a different pathway at the same time. This is a result of extra cross-wiring in the brain. I think it’s an extremely likely explanation of the “aura” and I’m going to go and read the original scientific research as soon as I can. I will write a blog about it, when I have absorbed and understood the research.

      I can assure you that I do not do all my reading on the internet – I have spent my entire life (and I’m no “spring chicken”) reading science, astronomy, philosophy, medicine, business, economics, art, music, history, geography, and many more, from reputable sources (textbooks from my university curricula, scientific journals, well respected authors.) The internet is where I express my thoughts, as I’m sure you do, and it is very useful to be able to link contemporary examples of what you are writing about – by necessity this has to be through the internet. My links to the more crackpot sites are there to show how irrational people can be, and they are just a sampling of the myriad bad ideas out there. I always try to choose one or two which are most representative of the ideas I am trying to dispute. The internet is a wonderful tool, essential in the modern world, and I make no apologies for using it to get my point across 🙂

      You will probably be disappointed to know I have already explored the Theosophic ideas for many, many years, and I can find no reason to accept them. I do not see any evidence to back them up, except in people’s minds. My mind is not seeking “spiritual enlightenment” – I prefer scientific enquiry. I want knowledge of what is really there, not what other people imagine to be there.

      I do not call it Faith. I call it Rational Scientific Enquiry, and I LOVE it! There is nothing more exciting to me than reading and understanding the scientific work that is going on out there – the honing of ideas, the exploration of theories, the false starts and about-turns when new information comes to light…. That is FAR more interesting than being bogged down in ancient ideas that refuse to change, no matter what.

      Thank-you for your interesting response, I hope you will take the time to comment again. I won’t agree with you, but I definitely respect your right to say what you think!

      • =) I’ll always leave what I think in the simplest terms possible if I can..
        Thanks for responding Cathy, my name’s Demetri by the way.

        And its not that I’ve fallen victim to some New-ageian brainwashing, I can’t claim to know what I do not know, but in my observation, you’re not allowing reason to see undeniable truths within bigger..misguided constructs that you deem unworthy.

        I’ll start with this quote, by Einstein:
        “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

        It seems to have come up a lot on blogs lately, at least for me, but I think its message resonates here as well. I’ll try to respond to your response point by point as well-

        I wasn’t bringing up faith as a justification for the truth in spirituality, but rather as an observable occurrence common in all human cultures. And yes it is true that through instinctive (or greedy) human influence, the goals of these “holy” faiths have become benign and unable to achieve the level of actualization they preach. But we have to recognize that human ethos and pathos exist to want to connect and expand with fellow man. We now live in a globalized environment where the ideas of cultural, or religious ties are going to become irrelevant unless we end up killing each other first. In order to understand those truths we must possess a disposition willing to allow this change.

        You agreed with my point that “the secret doctrine” is a scheme, but you did not address my point that disposition is a choice. If we were as you would like to say “truthful, or rational” beings, we would be unable to accept the realities of our environment.. But our minds allow us to choose what we think about the environments we are placed in. And this varies between people as well, but I think of it as a learned skill. Some people are unwilling to escape their own egos, and are subject to their emotions more than others. But by controlling our responses, this allows us to progress to understandings outside of our own personal views, if we let them. Allow me to make a crass example to explain my point-
        A girl looses her virginity, but her best friend says that she is a “slut” because of it. This girl has the opportunity to decide her disposition, allowing her to “attract” the environment she chooses. She can either decide she agrees with her friend (in either high or low self esteem) and adopt the title of a slut and live life by the standards she decides are “slutty”… attracting a whole new group of people and environments based on this choice… or be confident in her life choices and make up her own mind about her decision.

        While most homeless and poverty stricken people did not control their situations that led them to their current state, the disposition they possess will effect their futures. The “woe is me” characters who believe that they are abandoned by society will continue to flounder, while those willing to wake up and enjoy the fact that they are alive regardless of their situation, might be able to assess an answer to their problems because they’re mind hasn’t decided that there is no way out.

        In this way the secret hits home…whether or not you believe (as I do) that the actual resonance of thought itself extends beyond the body.

        I cant address your lack of feeling a “vibe” but im sure you’ve entered places.. maybe a “sacred site” in history, or a temple.. and felt a change in your disposition.. uncontrollably. While this is in effect a product of your visual and auditory stimuli, I think there is a deeper empathic network at work, one that future science will eventually recognize. And As much as I believe the mind can be tricked into things in the right settings, I do not believe my sister was duped or played.. she’s just as strongly grounded in “Rational science” as you claim to be.

        The synesthesia hypothesis is a valid one if you keep attributing the essence of “color” to a relatable visual experience. But I think in order to understand auras on the level of those who truly observe the forces at work… you have to stop looking at the experience as a literal one, but if you have indeed studied theosophic ideas, relate it to a “speculative” category. It is a process to change the mundane thoughts brought on and reinforced in our cuture.. and instead become aware of our own human intuition. By comparing these experiences to more relatable ones in order to have a definitive explanation for them, we aren’t allowing the thing in itself to be explained, but merely its appearance. While some who claim to see auras might have synesthesia, I believe the majority dont.

        That being said, I think the only way to truly study something is to live it out as much as possible, for everybody’s personal experiences and notions gets in the way of their “unbiased” determinations of the things in themselves…which we can never fully understand, but we can try.
        If you are in fact a student seeking truth, you must adopt a more socratic method to your responses. I feel that you are very passionate about what is “Rational”, “analytical”,”scientific”.. but these passions are misguiding your ability to see the bigger pictures, as any ardent debater will defend his points to no ends.

        Hope to continue our conversation.

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