Norah, the World Class Psychic, tells my fortune

A few days ago, just for a laugh, I responded to an online advert for a personal astrological reading by Norah, the World Famous Astrologer/Psychic.

I used a false name, gave my date of birth (I could tell you too, but then I’ll have to kill you) and said I wanted to know about the money in my future.

Sure as nuts, a day later I received an email from Norah, personally, with the startling admission that she was “overwhelmed by intense revelations” when she began to focus on my specific case. A more gullible person might have thought “Ooohh, I wonder what she saw in my future that was so overwhelming?”

I, on the other hand, thought “Oh yeah?”

The link provided by my new “Devoted Friend Norah” took me to the most bizarre, woo-infested missive I have ever read (and I have read a few….*sigh*….)

Apparently I am about to enter my Transit Period, starting Monday 30th January, and going on for another 77 days. During this time I will finally have the ability to attract the abundance I deserve, and shake off the Dark Cloud that has been preventing me from gaining eternal luck and happiness, especially in the fields of Love and Money.

It seems I had asked her for help just in time, because these Transit Periods only happen once or twice in a lifetime per individual, and mine is about to happen due to the influence of my “heavenly body” Venus, and the number 4. (How does SHE know about my Heavenly Body…..?)

Dear Norah, in her meditations and deep personal connection to me, sensed that there has been some Evil pursuing me since childhood, and that I have had one problem after another, especially concerning money.

After a short, generalised, feel-good “analysis” of my character – only the nice things you would say to butter someone up – she hit me with the whole point of this ridiculous charade: she wants my money!

If I am to get the best of the Great Change that is about to overtake my life, sort out my money problems and my love-life, all I have to do is hand over $79 for my Complete Detailed Astral Reading (plus three freebies worth $280 which will allow me to cultivate my Own Extra-Sensory Abilities).

AND, just to top off this incredible life-changing offer:

Along with your “TRANSIT PERIOD GUIDE TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS” you’ll receive,as a free gift on top of the $280 worth of bonuses that I have already described: “MY MAGIC WISH-FULFILLING PENTACLE”.

This Pentacle seems to be impregnated with a mysterious secret that contains POWERFUL ASTRAL FORCES. It is reputed to trigger the RAPID REALIZATION OF YOUR SECRET WISHES. Many men and women who have had the privilege of owning a MAGIC PENTACLE during a period of luck, have seen their SECRET WISHES come true, often in less than 7 days. It is urgent that you use it as quickly as possible, so that you are prepared for THE GREATEST CHANGE YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN IN YOUR LIFE.

A Magic Pentacle! What the hell is a Pentacle? Off to Wikipedia: “A pentacle is an amulet used in magical evocation, generally made of parchment, paper or metal…. on which the symbol of a spirit or energy being invoked is drawn”.

Nice! Is she going to send me a paper gold star with a dollar sign drawn on it?

Those who know me well will know that by that stage I was nearly paralysed with boredom by the whole Norah marketing machine. Not to mention the obvious wrongness of her deep, psychic insights into my life: I am extremely happily married to a man I have loved deeply for years, I have a FANTASTIC, well-paid job, loads of money, precious friends and family, a stimulating intellectual life, interesting hobbies… I could not be happier or more content if I wore a pentacle ;-p

I clicked “unsubscribe” and a day later received a response from someone called Pat, telling me I would not receive any further communications from Norah and politely asking whether there was anything else they could help me with? I responded that they could help me, and the rest of the world, by not publishing such blatant Bullshit. They should be ashamed of themselves. Gullible people might actually believe it and make decisions based on it – decisions that could be harmful or cost them money – just because some mass-mailed “psychic reading” told them to.

Don’t they have a conscience?

Astrology, for those who don’t already know it, is not true. The planets do not influence your life. The Gynaecologist who delivered you had a stronger gravitational influence on you at that moment than the relative angle of the planets that happened to be overhead at the time.

Astrologers were mightily embarrassed when it was discovered that the Earth actually revolved around the Sun, and when new planets (other than the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) were discovered that they had not taken into account in their charts (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto). Do only certain “planets” (including the Sun and the Moon!) influence humans, and not others? Why not? How could the astrological charts have been right up until then?

Psychics can’t sense your problems from the other side of the world. If any one psychic had any “extra-sensory” ability, they would have accepted the Million Dollar Challenge and proved it.

Not one psychic has EVER demonstrated real extra-sensory abilities under controlled conditions. It’s easy to do it on stage, with common magic tricks, and an assistant in the audience communicating with you through your “hearing aid”. That’s not to say no psychic will EVER demonstrate that ability under controlled conditions – but if Norah is an example of a World Class Psychic, then I don’t hold out much hope…..

Fortunately, if I didn’t realise my Earth-shattering Potential with Norah’s Reading, the Extra-Sensory Help Pack and my Magic Pentacle within 30 days, there was a 100% money-back guarantee – now that’s a psychic prediction I CAN believe in!


148 comments on “Norah, the World Class Psychic, tells my fortune

    • You do get the same boilerplate but with the false name if you use a second.. even if you type in a different birth date, there may be one paragraph different (I made one old and one middle aged) but otherwise exactly the same words… UHhhh!!

      • I think Norah has changed her name to Emma Powers because I got pretty much the same info and freebie offered…… I wonder if she or he could predict their own name change…

      • You betcha! I received the same info, along w/the #4 in my chart as well. All the same info about my transit period fast approaching… however, my date is Monday, Feb. 11, 2013. Gee, I’m definitely bracing myself for a Hugh Lotto Win! I going today to pick out my million dollar mansion. Of course, because Norah said so!:-). I’ll keep you posted on what happens. Nonetheless, I will unsubscribe today as well.

      • I also got the same information from Norah. I kept looking in on it every week or so and the transit date kept changing. I got the name Emma Powers from what I thought was a reliable source, but got the same thing about the transit period as well. Very similar,

  1. That’s so funny I received the same exact response when I put in the info. Boy if she is physic then she should have known right off the bat that you were not telling the truth about your name.
    So you guys out there be carefull, no can tell you the future. 🙂

  2. Well what have we here…I also responded to the online advert and guess what…..
    The response I received is EXACTLY THE SAME.
    Cusp of entering transition period
    Dark cloud since childhood
    One problem after another
    77 days
    Venus the heavenly body & number 4
    Magical pentacle
    etc. etc. etc.
    …and as I thought, at the bottom ‘Nora’ wants my money!
    Seems this ‘Nora’ is in ‘her’ transition period receiving loads of ‘lucky’ money from the gullible’s out there!
    That’s why I googled ‘Nora’ and here I am!

    • Exact same story for me!! I was curious to know if the results are the same for everyone and sure enough, my transit period is supposed to start Monday Sept 3rd and last 77 days, number is 4, ect… it’s so rare to have a transit period! ha! aparently we all have the same future planned. If you read the terms of the site it does say it’s for entertainment only and people should use common sense when taking in the information given. Glad we all have enough common sense to know it’s a hoax.

    • That IS interesting, Vanessa.
      What did you say you were particularly concerned about when you requested the astrological “reading”?
      Perhaps she ran out of the special brand of magic relating to that type of problem and didn’t want to send you a Dud 🙂

  3. Haahaahaa this is so funny…… I got the same feedback from Nora and last year I thought I would try the astrologer namely Tara and she be me a very similar forecast/reading…… This is a lot of jumbo jumbo:)

    Great blog!

      • Funny, I got the same thing as well dark cloud, 4, 11 and six are my lucky numbers so utilize them when needed. Bad childhood and it has been haunted for life etc. So that why I ended here as well. Computer are wonderful when come researching. Don’t buy! research!!!!!!!!!

  4. Enjoyed and appreciated your blog on this, Cathy. Yes, I gotta admit I too requested the “free reading” and like all of you, I’m apparently entering a “Transit” with all the same accompanying details (perhaps we’re all soul brothers/sisters ; )

    I’m gullible enough to purchase lottery tickets…and I’ll draw the line at that…

    • Eish Sandra! Don’t you know the lottery is a tax on the mathematically illiterate?
      I am so disgusted by the corruption around the South Afrian lottery allocation of funds that I will NEVER buy a lottery ticket…. That money was always supposed to go to charity – so buying a ticket, even though your chances of winning were miniscule, was at least partly a charitable act…
      Anyway, thank-you for commenting – I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and I will try to always keep it interesting and informative – and amusing!

      • Her fortune telling is SO VAGUE and generalised, you can find something in there that you might believe is relevant to your life. Like all so called sychics, she tells you what you want to hear, so the tendency is to think it’s true.

        Unfortunately, it’s not true, and no amount of wishful thinking will make it so!

  5. I entered my details and got the same standard response!! No. 4, bad luck since childhood – blah, blah, blah!! Incidentally I googled “magic luck pentacle” and ended up on your site. I would not have parted with a single penny. LOL.

  6. I entered my details and got the same standard response about transit period lucky number 4 bad luck since i was a kid woman is a pure con artist. I never spent a penny but thought i would google her to see just how good she is supposed to be and all I found was complaints of con after con after con.

  7. This is Nora, I knew you all would end up talking about me here, and trying to deter others from their transit period so vital to them and their well- being.

    Just Kidding, it’s Kimberly!!! I also ended up here after googling!! I tried to leave her page, she dropped the $79 to $49. Tried to leave again and was given her final offer of 19.99,,plus all the books…..Very entertaining, but I can get toilet paper cheaper @ Walmart.

  8. Lord Jesus Christ i just received these Noraz ebooks, the very same prediction of number4, badluck since my chilhood, and i gave my real name and purchased with that $79. So gullible i am, was gonna buy those herbs to prepare the ritual and lose my husband. Christ i was wondering why am i gonna find another ‘Twin Soulmate’ yet my hubby is my everything!! Thanx guys im just gonna unsubscribe her now.

  9. I am very relieved to have found this post, thank you so much for putting this out here because I too, a gullible fool going through some real life trials bought into this exact same reading which was given to me with the exact same words and numbers even though my birthday is not even close to the same day as yours. I too paid the $79 in a desperation act since all the doctors could not seem to help me, I went for it and now I too have unsubscribed and let “Norah” know about herself. Maybe the darkness will descend upon her now and the “evil” that supposedly has been pursuing all of us will find her and choke her with all of her own dark karma. Thanks again for posting this and thank goodness for Google!!! Saved me a lot more than mere money, trust me!

    • Michelle, I am SO GLAD I could help! It’s people like you I am writing for – normal, intelligent people who perhaps don’t realise what they’re letting themseves into when they respond to the slick marketing of the so-called psychics.

      Please share my blogpost with anyone else you feel might benefit. I would realky appreciate that 🙂

  10. Omg thats crazy i would never think norah would do a thing like that, i was gonna pay her Tuesday,she said to me i will enter a new life July4 th and it would last for 3 months which as 77 days, so i go all excited then she turns around n say their a dark clouds handn over me . That ill have to pay 79 $ . I told her i didn’t have the money. Cause i just paid a psychic name abrigle out of los vages which im starting to think she is bull shit to. But anyways after a week later not hearing from norah she changes her price to 49 dollars n told me not to tell any one

    • I think its safe to say the Las Vegas one is also a fraud! Dont waste your money on any of it… You are better off trying to sort out your problems yourself, with the help of your family and friends. No so called psychic can tell you anything new because its all cold reading and guesswork.

      I am glad you found my blog too!

  11. Im so glad i found this website i was just about to pay her on tuesday.she told me something good would happen in my life July4 th n it was last 77 days. Then she turned around n said she getting bad energy so i had to act soon in it would be 79$. I told her i didn’t have the money, a week later without hearing from her she changes her price to 49 $ . It just crazy how the same thing she said to u to ne

  12. Man! I was duped as well, however, before I invested in my “rare” twice in a lifetime occurance I had sense enough to investigate, and let me just say Thank God for Google!!! LOL. It is such a disappointment to know that scam artists like Nora are still out there biking folks out of their hard earned money. Thank you for doing your duediligence on this matter Cathy!!

      • N whats so crazy is i talk to her assistant n told them how i felt about me pouring my heart out to them ,and all along it was a scam, they had no feelings at all, the only thing alexis her assistant could sai was ill move u from the list. N today i woke uo to another email from norah talking about its time to act soon. I have a bad attuide when it comes to people playing with my emotions and money, n it just pisses my off that i once again was about to give away free money to another a psychic

      • Meme, the only way your life can change for the better is if you look within. When something doesn’t go right for you stop and ask yourself what are you felling or doing at that moment. All the answers you need are always there you just need to take the time to sort them out. We as humans have lost our way and sense of independence to figure things out on our own. We spend millions fo dollars on people who claim they can give us a better life but none of that matters if you are not happy with yourself. Learn to Meditate and I promise you all the answers you seek for a better life will become very clear. Many Blessings to you:-)

  13. I am laughing so hard right now. Wow! I waited a whole day in a half for this reading and to know that I could have just came here for my future outlook. Luck is something that happens when you are trying to obtain something to make your life easier, happier or wealthier via taking chances. I like to use the word Blessings because they come rather you want them or not it’s just a matter of recognizing them. When I saw luck written all through the “Reading” I knew then she was full of crap and it was just my bad luck that I came across her page. I had a rough childhood(more than half of the world did too) and my life today is filled with so many blessings and the best one of all is to understand that during my childhood all the things I considered bad were stepping stones to my life today so I don’t regret a single day of my childhood. Norah tries to tap into something that just about everyone has experienced and use that to draw people in. She is just as bad if not worse as the people who tell you that they are Kings and Queens in some country and have millions a dollars but because they are dying your were the luck person they came upon to give it all to but first you must send them a check to cover processing fees; so sad:-(
    P.S. I enjoyed my reading here better than on Norah’s page:-)

  14. OMG I just had the very same reading today. My lucky numbers, I have had some evil pursuing me since I was a child etc…. What a load of rubbish…………. I knew at the bottome they wanted money. My lucky numbers are the same as all of yours in fact everything is exactly the same hahahaha Dont get fooled.

  15. This was awesome to read 🙂 and im so glad i did read it, your veiws are very insightful. I truly was debating whether or not to take Norah up on her offer, until i had the stangest revalation. See Norahs payment form page asked for $79, and i was thinking of filling it out, until for whatever reason i decided i should wait, and pressed the back button on my Kindle Fire tablet that im using. Rather than be returned to my previous page, however, i was notified by a tiny message that Norah senses that my financial situation is tight, and she is reducing the price to $49. Nice, but still not interested. (Back button) *WAIT! Im hesitant to do this, but i sense you will need this information desperatly, and its urgent you get it! I dont usually do this, but im reducing the price to $19 just for you!!* “Really, Norah? Just for me, you say? But Norah, this is not some sort of chat session here, this is a set up payment process. You planned out for me ( and anyone else you send this link to,) to be hesitant. You wanted to make sure that even if you couldnt make 80 bucks from everyone, maybe you can scrape up some smaller bills from the less gullible! So Norah, you say youre my great friend and youre looking out for me, yet you want to try to get all the money you possibly can out of me. Why not make the $19 off to begin? Because you want me to have an AMAZING Transit Period, which is soooo rare and hardly ever comes around!! Really, thats weird, cause everyone ive asked about your services is currently ‘going through their Transit Periods too!’ That sure is coincisental :/” Haha ill think twice about how trustworthy people online can REALLY be X) thanks for the insight (and the laughs)

  16. Thank god for google. Norah has recently given me the same template reading; according to Norah my lucky numbers are 4, 6 and 11 what about you?
    I’ll bet they’re the same

    • OMG! I got the exact same reading from her! The only difference between you and I is obviously the name! This is too funny!

      By the way my lucky numbers are 4,6, and 11 and my transit period is beginning on Feb. 24, 2013. Lol

  17. Yeah, okay. First of all, it’s not just “GULLIBLE” people who fall for this. I signed up for a “free” astrological reading and got the EXACT same letter with the exact same numbers and facts. Actually, what she described is very accurate to my life. My life isn’t like yours, with the happy family, loving relatives, and intellectual stimulation and all that. I really resent your attitude because it sounds like the only reason you don’t “like” psychic readings and astrology is because you’ve probably never even HAD a reading. I resent people who say that *ALL* psychics are frauds and NOBODY has clairvoyant abilities. That’s not true. I’m able to decipher tarot cards accurately, and I HAVE had successful psychic readings. I can even direct you to a legitimate site: is a good one. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, it’s not just “gullible” people. A person can be trapped in an abusive situation, isolated from society, and have NO ONE to reach out to. They might suffer from anxiety and have no real friends to turn to. Isn’t it logical that a person like that might reach out for ANY kind of hope? Isn’t it logical that they might give away $79 to find out that if they walk down THIS street on THAT day, they might just meet that person who can help them out of their situation? That if they go for a job interview on a specific day, they might get that job that helps them make enough money to get out?! Hope is valuable. But REAL frauds are not. As I said, her “analytical response” was fairly accurate, but….I decided to look her up. That’s why *I’m* here. Norah IS a fake. There were a few things that bothered me about her “Quickie Astrological reading” — I asked about “Future in Love” and she didn’t mention that ONCE. She kept talking about money. In those little blocks where she tells you about Health, Social Life and Luck, in regard to my Love life, she wrote: “You do a lot to deserve your happiness, and you hope that your significant other is willing to pay you back in kind. ” Um, i don’t HAVE a significant other? That’s why I asked about my love life in the near future?? This ad is very unprofessional.
    Anyway, i guess that’s it.

  18. Hi Lena. You are correct – I have never had a so-called psychic reading. That’s because I know that psychic powers do not exist. It’s all cold reading, fuzzy statements, and general bullshit that can apply to almost anyone. Maybe some so-called psychics believe they really do have paranormal powers, but most are just deceiving themselves and the sad, gullible people who consult them, in order to make money out of others’ misery. instead of wasting your time and money on astrology, psychics and tarot cards, why not rather try to change your situation for yourself? Why not solve your own problems using your own intelligence and resourcefulness? No useless, unfounded, unproven paranormal powers can help you in any way – you have to do that yourself. I hope you find the answers you are looking for, and find happiness in your life 🙂

  19. Thanks Cathy and all involved in this blog. I too sent a request for a free reading however Googled her before opening any emails. Think I will just hit unsubscribe now! We are the authors of our own destiny with our soul as our guide, as well as the universe to give us all of what we ask for… or to put it in a different way, what we speak out we get. I always get the best parking spot because I believe I will. Never have to worry about paying bills as the money just comes. I am healthy and happy and believe if you are kind to others you will receive kindness. I also believe we are all one, if you hurt another living creature you are hurting yourself. There is enough love, money, food and care for all. It is just a shame that people turn ugly in the pursuit of these things. Greed is a sad thing. Peace be with all of you. xxx

  20. I found the site a few days ago and, out of sheer boredom, put in all of my information. Two days later Nora sent me a reply with the same exact information. Lucky numbers, dark childhood, transit period, etc, etc. Recently having taken a few classes encouraging skepticism for these kinds of things, I was like, “seriously?” And then she asked for money, and not being one to buy things I don’t need, I tried to close the page. She tried to keep me, teling me that she’d bring it down to $49. But I exited the page anyway. And then last night I decided to do a search about her and here I am. Must say, I didn’t expect that everyone else here would get the same exact reply I did. But this proves to me just how fake she is.

  21. I had a reading done on July 24th and received the same information. I was going through difficult time and also fell for it. I wish I had seen all these messages. Did you all get your refund back?

  22. Thank you Cathy!Wowwww! Its a good thing I did my research. Clearly, she tells everybody the same thing. For kicks I wanted to redo the free question with fake info but didnt bother. Then, she didnt hear from me and was getting very “concerned” because its was so crucial for me to get her help So she did me a special favour and reduced the fee into almost half! A few days before my transtit cycle started she sent me an email saying it will only cost me $19 because she cares so much!!! what a trip! My transit cycle supposed to have started yesterday! oh wait….. whats that i sense? ….. I predict Norah is not so happy with us for busting her LMAO

  23. So I too saw this link & thought hmmm, lets see what the internet psychic has. I got the EXACT same reading as you. The best part was how she told me luck had been bad since birth, my luck in all honesty has not been that bad. I decided to google this lady & saw your link & was surprised to see VERBATIM what she wrote me. How said, they don’t even have enough intelligence to switch it up & use a few different templates. Shame on “Norah”.

  24. Yep, same thing . . . same “lucky numbers” 11,6, and 4. Good thing I googled her and got here. Now THAT’S luck!

      • SO…They say they are giving me a refund, but we will see. I went to the contact section at the bottom of the website and filled out an email saying “Transit Period Guide” in the subject box and “refund” in the body.

        Somebody named George wrote back asking why I want my money back. I replied with ‘I would like to be refunded. Your site says “money back guarantee, no questions asked’. Please refund my money immediately.”

        He then responded with “I have successfully cancelled your order. Please allow 24 hours for the refund to be processed and 3-5 business days for the refund to reflect back into your account. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.”

        Then I received a refund notification from someone named Deborah. It looks like an invoice and it says I’ll get my money back — it has a confirmation number and customer id number. It looks very official. This all happened last night. Now I just have to wait and see if I really get my money back. If not, I’m going to contact my credit card and have it refunded.

        It worth a try to get your money back!! Let me know if anyone else tries and what happens. Good luck.


        PS I now have a $1.95 international charge on that account… Part of this scam perhaps?

    • Refund yea, no you mite as well kiss that money goodbye, cause once u give norah your money its over with, u mite get ready n close youraccount n start a new one cause she’s gonna take money out n have a different name when she do it. Anytime u looking a psychic its best you just Google 1st n look a the feedback others wrote so i hope it be a lesson to u next time cause it was to me

  25. To those people trying to get their money back. I know Visa do a chargeback system for goods or services that are defective. In the case of this web bot psychic. (It is probably some corporate suit programmer that has devised this). I think this site of Cathy’s proves it’s a scam so you should get your money back. You have to ask Visa about chargeback OK. I’m sure master card probably something similar. Paypal I’m not sure about but post back here whether you are successful or not.

  26. I got the very same reading as all the rest of u about, a year and a half ago, thankfully i didn’t send her any money, but the funny thing is i thought the 3 numbers “4 6 11″ were my lucky numbers, for me and nobody else, so few weeks ago i did them in a lotto and believe it or not they came up and i won €1,080.00…lol
    Now after finding your site and seen as everybody else was given the same numbers obviously it was just the luck of the draw, i’m disgusted at people like her as some of the people turn to the likes of her in times of desperation, looking to see if there is an hope of life getting better for them..”Shame On Your Norah” you must have no morals girl.

    • Debby, nobody can blame you for being deceived by Norah’s slick marketing…. It is very convincing and sounds so PERSONAL!
      If you have faith in astrology, it would be easy to be fooled. I wish you had discovered my blog earlier. I sincerely hope you will not be taken in by this type of charlatan again… Be sceptical! There is no mechanism for astrology to work the way they say it does, so all astrologers are deceiving themselves, as well as their clients.

      It’s a great, easy way for them to make money…preying on people’s broken dreams and hopes for the future. We all need to take responsibility for our own lives, and make the right decisions for ourselves. I have three simple rules I try to live by:

      -Tell the truth
      -Have compassion for others and try to understand that they are a product of their environment, as much as you are
      -Think sceptically! Question the motives of those who claim to be able to help you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

  27. What can we do to stop this con artist? I too got fooled until I googled her and came to this site. Luckily I didn’t hand over cash, but I was close to doing so. I feel so cheated and used by her. We all have vulnerable moments and she knows that this is how she will make money. This needs reporting! Sorry to all who paid money to her. I’d say to go out and buy yourself a good book instead of getting fooled by these people.

    • Unfortunately, as long as people continue to believe that a total stranger, on the other side of the world, can somehow remotely read your mind and offer advice that will magically change your life, there will be no stopping the marketing machine that is the man in France who calls himself Norah!

      • To be honest, its really pointless to go to a psychic about your problems and then willing to pay them hundreds of dollars, while all u have to do is give your problems to god and let him handle your problems cause he never puts anything n your life you cant handle and if he takes something out your life hes only replaceing it with better. The only reason why i say this is because i paid a psychic from los vages Nevada her name is abigal n i paid her 150 dollar for a love spell i do amitt some of the things she told me about my life was true but a love spell only takes 3 months or less to work she been working on me for 7 months now,and everytime i call her the only thing she tells me when she does picks up the phone is there bad energy involved n to call her back weeks later,or days later, n half of the time she doesn’t answer my calls or return my calls. I told a couple days ago that i wanted my money back cause its been 7 months n i got see no improvement, and on her website it say money back if not satisfied, she threatens me n tell me she will give me the money back but shell hurt me and take away my lover. So thats y its not wroth it to put your life and a psychic hands cause theyll turn on you and a heartbeat. Aless you know god will nevet do harm to you or turn his back on you. So that was a self lesson learn for me.

  28. Nora looks like such a nice old lady- where did they get someone who looks so concerned, relaxed, thoughtful to be the figure head for a FRAUD … I did not give any money but thought I might continue with the charade to believe a little longer in the special confidential story of my life, afterall, my childhood sucked and I am certain it was because of someone near to me jealous and putting out bad vibrations to ruin my future once in a life time transit period – Now that we all share the same numbers, childhoods and rare transit event just about to unfold can we make the dream real with our hearts and minds – draw a pentacle and say a little prayer — why not? you never know. Thank you Nora or nice lady in the photo for bringing so
    many dreamers together!

  29. she looks so caring, si innocent, like a loving granny. who woulve thought, that she woulve had the heart of a fraudster. and she doesnt feel a thing. and some of the things she says makes sense. but it sure as hell cant apply to everybody.. we are all different. yes we all had periods in our lives, where we had ‘dark clouds” around us. BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME. we all have have problems with love and money. bullshit. thank God i googled her before paying… and she doesnt stop emailing me…. offering me the minimum charge. and nobody have to know and she can offer me what no other phsyic can….. thank goodness i didnt fall in her trap

  30. Thanks for starting the blog Cathy! You’re a DOLL! I never fell for the rubbish that is Norah, or any given name that may be used to SCAM the elderly, or those gullible, or lacking common sense.

    It’s terrible that they prey on people who are down and out on money, luck, life, common sense, education, you name it. Unfortunately there will be people who will pay anyone to tell them what they WANT to HEAR.

    Hopefully we can stop those before it’s too late! Love how you never see a LEGIT picture of these “so called psychics”

    • I am so glad you enjoy my blog, Saffron!

      You can help spread the word about Norah and the other so-called psychics, by “liking” my blog on your Facebook page….. I would appreciate it 🙂

    • I think it’s a little harsh to say any one who falls for her lacks education, money, and “common sense”!! I have money, I have a great job, I’m very educated, but I TRUST people or at least I try to trust people and I like to give people a chance. Just because some one falls for a scam, it does not mean they lack something. Life is full of scams, and we are on this earth to help and to love people. Not to put people down for their lack of errors or mistakes they make. I’m sure you meant well, but i think it’s harsh. Thank you.

      • Hi Love&joy,

        I don’t think Saffron meant it in a bad way. Unfortunately, it is a fact that the more educated you are, the more likely you are to be a rational thinker by habit. Also, people who find themselves in a bad situation would be more
        Ikely to grasp at the fake straw the so-called psychic is holding out to them.

        I agree that we should not put people down when they fall for these scam artists. As I have said before in these comments, Norah seems so REAL, and KIND, and willing to HELP – unless you are aware of what’s really going on.

        My purpose in writing this blog is to try and protect those who are not aware, and do not think critically about these things. I don’t want them to waste their money, and you might have noticed that I always tell them to get help from those who care about them, not a money making scam artist like Norah.

        Thank-you for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it 🙂

  31. I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that usefull information, and experiance with Norah. I recently fell into the same “Luck”.. got my free reading.. read the same thing as everyone else… now .. for her i was thinking.. hmm.. i wonder if this has the samew effect for others. it did. your post is the first that i read about her.
    So.. needless to say im not going to worry now about my “Transit” period LOL!!
    At first i was a bit concerned.. then again.. most people seem to be in the same financial bind..(not all.. but some)..
    Anywho!!.. a side note sort of.. I have met someone who was somewhat phsycic.. he read people just by looking at them.. and he was deff. Not quite sure how he did it. but he freakin told me EVERYTHING about me just by looking at me. and he had never met me before.. all i told him was my name was Amber (which it really is lol).
    Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Amber!

      It was nice to hear from you, and I am VERY glad I could save you the time and waste of money with Norah 🙂

      As for your deaf psychic: have you heard of Cold Reading? It’s a learned skill which makes a person appear to be psychic, but all they’re doing is making vague staements about you, your health, your past, etc – and then, based on your reactions (and the fact that you probably WANT them to be right), they fish information very subtly out of you. Of course, you remember the “hits” and forget the “misses.”

      It’s a pretty convincing act, especially if you don’t know about Cold Reading and how it works.

      You’ve given me a good idea for my next blog! Watch this space!

      Cathy Wagner

      • Thanks for the Reply Cathy!

        As for Norah, I wouldnt have waisted my money regardless becuase in the begining “she” stated she doesnt charge for anything becuase its a “gift” so why charge lol.
        And as for the Deaf person i met. No i have not heard of cold readings.
        Thats very interesting to know. What caught my attention was the hits deffinantly.
        What i dont understand is how he got everything right on.
        it is true that i dont remember any misses.
        for example he told me my birthday, he told me i had a son, age 4, he told me about things i dont tell people nor would it show on my body.
        Pretty convincing most deffinantly.
        I just dont understand how they can guess something on the first try, every time..

        Have a wonderful evening!


  32. I too contactedd her well shee foundd me not I kant even find her I also get readings from some called tapak and he saying my life won’t go anywhere basically if I don’t ask for his help but I asked and he wants money so therefore if I don’t hav the money which as a pyshic he should kno tht beingg thtt ii asked him to giv me aa reading on my money problems.. if your supposly aa physic whyy charge ppl for aa gift thtt supposly can help them so if aa person doent hav thaa money tht can’t b helped..?

    • Thank-you for the compliment!

      The Frenchman who masquerades as Norah deserves nothing more than condescension, and derision, and to be called a lying swindler.

      Those unfortunate people who believe in such nonsense need to be educated about the fraud that’s being perpetuated worldwide every time one of them gives Norah some money.

      I can’t be anything BUT condescending about it!

      Fortunately, most people who read my blog THANK me for enlightening them, and warning them – I have saved people money and disappointment. I am very proud that my efforts have had such positive effects!

  33. Hi Cathy,

    looks like Norah has had an identity change & is now “Emma”; your blog is clearly damaging business!

    check the link out below…

    looks remarkbly similar to “Norah” and I wonder if you would check it out and tell us whether you reckon that Norah has changed to Emma. I’ll bet little else has changed in the reading though.

    Must be her psychic sister!

    • Well spotted Jason!

      I had a brief look at the website – it has precisely the same look and feel as Norah’s, and the disclaimer at the bottom is the same, word for word.

      For a laugh, I’ll fill in my details and see if I get the same pile of horseshit as Norah sends out 🙂

      • I think the person or people behind Norah have had their little scam seriously impacted by your excellent analysis and this is why the new version with a different name i.e. Emma has replaced it.

        I think there may be more of these variations in the pipeline just to dodge the Google searches.

        Maybe a new blog with these new names could protect other potential victims… I regard myself as a fairly sensible person but I nearly fell for it.
        Thanks to you I didn’t..

        I think I can foretell the future of Emma’s reading and it will be more than likely a near perfect copy of Norah’s, right down to the magic numbers.

        Keep up your excellent work!

      • Thank-you for your kind words, Jason 🙂

        I have received my first reply from “Emma” – and I’m just about to write about it. As you say, the modus operandi is virtually identical…

  34. Hi Cathy,
    I can not thank you enough for saving from Nora. Last week I was curious about the power ball lottery was up for grab and I Tried to see psychic could give the numbers then I discovered Norah. I filled in my information then she sent me a mini reading, today she sent another email about my transition period ,it’s about to begin this week. She told me in the reading exact same thing as everyone else who responded to you. My lucky number is 4,11, and 6 etc.I have to admit for a moment I believed her and I was about to buy her stuff,but thank God I follow my guts there we are. I google her name then I come across your blog about her and I can’t believe my eyes about everyone’s comments. Thanks again continue the good work you save me today. Have a wonderful Holidays.

  35. I sent off for the free reading from “Emma”. She states that that is not her real picture or name. My lucky number is “9”. My transistional phase is only 66 days. Down 10 days from everybodys “Norah” readings. In addition, I too have had an evil and wicked force blocking my happiness since I was a small child.

    I am glad I found your blog. I received her email through Robert Anthony so I thought that initially she might be legit. But then I received her reply. It was so long that I thought it was a scam. Nobody would write pages out for a free reading. Thanks again.

    • Hey…i too was so stupid and fell for in the process of getting a refund!is there anyone that got a refund?please let me know..thanks

      • Hi Linn

        I think your chances of getting a refund are slim to non-existent, unfortunately….

        If you read the disclaimer, it seems “Norah” can feed you any bullshit she likes, it is not meant to be any sort of advice. If you act on it, well that’s just your bad luck….

        It makes me so MAD!!!!

      • They actually charged me 100$ after i asked them for a refund…i have just canceled my card right now!i wish i had read all your reviews before…thanks nevertheless

      • Linn, I am really sorry you didn’t see my blog before you gave them your card details!
        Please be careful – astrologers and psychics are liars and con artists. They cannot tell you anything about your life that you don’t already know!
        If you need help or advice, speak to a close friend or family member. They won’t want money for giving you their time and attention 🙂

      • hello Linn,

        they are in for a stromy time at Premium Scam Astrology. I suggest that you flood them with EMails and copy the comments from here into the emails and watch their reaction… go online with the live chat and paste the comemnts too into the chat… se their reaction… ask for a legal documentation about the refunds as in a certified bank note that the refund is in the process. I bombarded them with over 60 emails in less then 24 hrs and long houirs on live chat… it got their attention… they will refund to get me out… I also send them a copy of the site map fro Las Vegas where the Suite is with photo…. pls, as k everyone to do the same…. the more emails coming to them, the more time they spent on replies and less good people get trap… I wish all of you would send many more email to jam their website…. also fill up the ripoff report… that will get their attention too…

      • Good idea, especially if you have paid them money and want a refund.

        However, it seems “Norah” is now masquerading as Emma Powers, so maybe a concerted effort to get “her” closed down is also needed?

        I’d appreciate your comments!

      • hoh! pls ask anyone to flood with emails and live chat about nothing towards Premium Astrology and any similar activities showing frauds. It certainly kept them busy on monady as I sent over 100 emails and live chat for over 2 hrs… does it work, they rpeated several Emails stating that refunds of 68$ was process and it will take 24 hrs for the banking to process. Although I requested several times for a legal bank statement as a proof, I wasn’t successful. Niow I am waiting for the 24 hrs period to happen in 2 hrs from now (11:30 on the West Coast). late last night I use my hotmail account and wrote in French after almost 8 hrs of silent treatment from Norah… they replied and asked that I re-send in English…. strange they do not check the email address….

        here is the info for the phone end their address in Las Vagas.

        Along with our 24/7 Live Chat Support our phone support hours are 9:00AM-5:00PM MST Monday to Friday. Our number is 1-866-732-9787.

        Your devoted friend,


        Premium Astro
        848 N. Rainbow Blvd
        Suite #3675
        LV, Nevada 89107
        United States

        The sagqa is not over yet as I intend to expand on giving her a Transit Period Guide of my taste with more Traffic jam. I was just hoping that Anonymous will take over this naughty Norah and friends out of the game as the Authority seems to let them play as they wish…

  36. You are a great writer (: but in regards to this “Norah” ordeal I was skeptical, did my research, and came across this page. When it comes down to astrology.. I know most people who believe in it (like most people who believe in anything) tend to get touchy touchy and want to defend their beliefs, I tend to be on the fence about things such as these, but from personal experience i realize most people who say “you just have to find the right one”, haven’t found it themselves so … Idk how they could deeply believe in something they have yet to HONESTLY find.

    I knew this woman who very much believed in the whole “psychic” phenomenon and what not, and she would always tell me “this time, its real. This person is legit”. She would tell me the same thing for each individual that came along,.. Made no sense to me, for me it just seemed like a desperate woman. Reminds me of the same hopeless romantics who crave to find their one true love, and everyone they romantically meet seems to be “the one”, they want to find it so badly they end up fooling themselves. Gullible indeed. Atleast for things of this nature.

    • I am glad you were skeptical and decided to check it out first!

      The truth is there is NO WAY astrology can work….it is completely implausible, there is simply no mechanism by which the planets can influence the course of anybody’s life here on earth.

      As for psychics, well they have been tested, they have ALL failed to produce anything even remotely positive to prove that they have these powers they claim to have. On that basis, you have to accept that they are fooling themselves, aa well as the believers out there.

      The harm of course comes when people rely on astrologers and psychics for advice, and pay good money for that advice.

      That’s what I find so disgusting and immoral about the whole thing……I truly hope more people like you will read my blog and THINK before they send money to people like Norah!

    • i to got the same reding as the other exept i got 90 days but i do belive im mediums and that is cuz my ganpa is one i wont blame any one for mot beliving what i say here but just lisen he is siting in his chare whatching the tv my grandma vitnest this… but then hi kind of soomed out and after a fue minits he came back granma new somthing was up so she asked “what is wrong” he said”göran had the other has been in an acsidet but no one is hurt”göran is ther midel son my uncel TWO houers later they get a phone call from my uncel and he say that they were in an acidet two houers ago but no one gut hurt. an other time they were in germeny (granmas german) they were driving behind a timber truk (my two uncels and mom was in the back)and granma say to drive past it grams say”no somthing is not right” and so true in the next cure the chens the hold the timber braks they whulde have been crushed is it wasent for granpa there are othe insedents to like whene he saved his own mom to so i just want to say even if prity much all reders like nohra,tara,emma are scams there are the real ones to and mom is one to but she is closed when it comes to every thing exept family(im sorry for my bad eng im from sweden and have dyslexia :/)

      • Hello Paula, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, anecdotes do not constitute evidence. The stories sound convincing, but could be made up, not remembered correctly, exaggerated, etc. There is no evidence for anyone being able to read minds or foretell the future. If anybody was able to prove they could do so, they would have won the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge by now. Many have tried – ALL have failed. I remain skeptical!

  37. Good info…Norah gave me the same song and dance but I didn’t pay for anything. I just received the initial email with the Same wording as everyone else. Thanks

  38. I contacted this Norah yesterday and got exactly the same information as everyone else, including the promise of a pentacle, several other free extras to help with my “psychic ability” and with lucky numbers 4, 6 and 11. I`m glad that I too followed my instinct and googled her name. Perhaps I don`t need psychic help after all:) lol. Thank you to everyone who has posted on here to warn anyone else who is tempted to part with their money.

  39. my name is Starr and I have taken some reading from Nora and it sounds like she’s telling me the same thing is she told everybody else
    I want to have this canceled and I want to be refunded but I don’t have a number does anybody have a number that I can call I appreciated my email address is dance with starr@

  40. Well, well, well. And here I thought I was the only one entering a transit period of overwhelming wealth, health and happiness. Just goes to show ya. You should do your research before you shell out any bucks. Fortunately, I did. I feel sort of stupid for actually even reading the long, drawn out story of my life which has been blocked by unknown forces since childhood. The grey cloud that encircles my very existence. Thanks for blogging everyone. Information is power. I think I just entered my own transit period. LOL

  41. {This is proof of psychic action in a controlled setting regarding your paragraph, in which and I quote “Not one psychic has EVER demonstrated real extra-sensory abilities under controlled conditions. ” So it is possible to be psychic and have that ability, just many bluff which may be true in this case. But to mock and laugh at an art that you don’t know anything about has to be dangerous.

    • Nathan, for your information I know a GREAT DEAL about so-called psychics. I have researched the literature for many years, and I stand by my statement that not a single psychic has been able to prove their abilities under controlled conditions. Anyone can blow an object across a table without being noticed, or pull some other trickery out of the bag with practise. But, they cannot influence the physical world by the power of their mind. That is just nonsense. Being skeptical is not dangerois, by the way. Being overly gullible and believing the charlatan “psychics” can be very dangerous, unfortunately.

      • Thanks Cathy for your blog, i was about to enter my credit card details and then like any “True Blue Aussie” i decided to check her out and found your site, Well you saved me from going through the hassle of cancelling my credit card not to mention raising my blood pressure for being so gullible;

        I got the same numbers 4,6,11, and the crap that something happened to me in childhood, but hey, at least she gave me 90 days for my good luck period which is more than others had… hahaha…….can’t help but think why Norah,/ Emma or whatever name she/he goes by can,t think of new material for her blurb considering that obviously the game is up. So Cheers to you for puting your thoughts in print.


  42. Hi, these people peeve me off – self appointed so called Psychic. I wonder how many have or have considered suicide because of the likes of “Norah”&”Emma Powers”. I don’t dismiss psychic abilities, I believe we all have it – comes from our natural instincts .Who needs a psychic reading when you can turn to this thread. Never aless with everyone voicing how they feel it sends a message out for those looking for the truth and to all those scamming psychics “Beware” the tide has turned tsunami(those you have and trying to scam) will hit “YOU”.

  43. Of course it’s fake. The person who ever is supposed to be “Nora” is also used for ads for Hay House’s self-publishing division Balboa Press. This fake psychic group probably pulled this woman’s picture off the add etc.Doubt there’s any connection between this woman, Balboa Press and Hay House other than her picture. Don’t think she’s one of their authors. Don’t have a link. Trust me.

    • I found the Balboa Press ad, I was only able to save part of it. Sent pix via Facebook inbox along with one the many pix of her found on Google image. They probably pulled some woman’s pix off of BP.Do a Google image search. Have same pix selling on e-bay-Hubpages article.

  44. I cannot believe that this woman has been going on for this long! I paid her, but am disputing it on my card. Wondering why none of the people who found out about her didn’t go back to their card company for dispute. Everything written here is the same for me. I am so glad I came upon this site as my better sense was trying to get to me as I was paying for this. Not the discounted price either,. Now, when my card company asks me why I am fileing this dispute, I can give him this site.

  45. Yes that’s what you should do … file a chargeback on your card and state the reason as a rogue/fraudulent company employing a mass sucker horoscope con. Their disclaimer means nothing for people in Europe as the EU has its own laws and fraud and the card companies have to comply and I’m in the UK… I don’t know about the USA or international but I should think VISA and MasterCard have some similar system in place for international.

    It’s certainly well worth approaching your card issuer even if you may be embarrassed about being taken in by such a scam.

    Clearly this is a template con where unsuspecting vulnerable people are sucked in with the impression that they are getting some form of personalised “reading” when they are not… i.e. it is the same info the only difference being your name and date of birth. Emma is clearly a variation of Nora and I suspect there other versions out there too; someone mentioned another called Tara.

    And it is a cold and calculating fraud… simple as that.

    If the card companies are made aware of this outfit then they may well bar this company from doing business through VISA, MasterCard AMEX etc. which can only be a good thing. Of course may not protect people that use debit cards.

    • Al;oha Jason, I also joined up with these people and after calling my card company, disputed the charge of 200.00. Yes, I listened to 4 of their people, all saying the same thing, but with different names. If you are not over 90 days of your purchase, your card company will dispute it and take the charge off of your statement. I know that I should listen to that small voice inside which trys to guide us, but we seldom llisten and find out later that we had a “red flag” but did nothing about. Nora is not the only one, so far I have found a Maria, Tara, Gabriella, and who knows, most likely many more who are just waiting to scam you for whatever they can get. If you try to leave the page, they come up with discounts, until the discount reaches about 19.99 and a lot of people go for it but find out that what they have bought is crap. Give it a try and stay away from people who promise these things. That advise if for me as well as whoever I give it too. So sorry you were scammed, but you are certaianly not alone. Good luck. Misha

      • Hello Misha,
        Thankfully I never paid them anything but very nearly fell for it as it did seem to describe how I was feeling at the time, fortunately I did a Google search and came up with this site of Cathy Wagner’s here and saw the other writers experience but had I paid them I would certainly go to my VISA card and do a claim back on the grounds I mentioned earlier.
        Those other fortune tellers Maria, Tara etc. may be just another face to the same people that brought us Norah. I believe they should be indicted for fraud to be honest! I trust you will get your money back soon if you make the case as outlined earlier.

      • Hi Jason & Misha

        It’s unfortunate, but I think your chances of getting your money back are slim, to say the least 😦

        When you initially requested the information from Norah, there was a tiny little link at the bottom of the page – the Terms and Conditions….

        Which state, very clearly, that Norah’s “advice” is for entertainment purposes only! You are to consult a real person. like a doctor or a lawyer, if you have any health or legal problems, and NOT take anything Norah tells you as “advice.”

        If that’s not a Get Out Of Jail Free card – I don’t know what is!

  46. Hi there:

    “Norah” is not a person, she is an organization that has a couple of paid writers who write “predictions” about “transit periods” for all 12 signs. The first “reading” you’ll get is the very same thing for every customer. The point is to draw you into their membership service, so that “Norah” can answer your personal questions. The person on the other side, answering the questions, is just a regular person who’s been hired as a freelancer for 12 dollars an hour to do this; who has no background in numerology, astrology, counseling or really anything else.

    You can Google “Norah’s” picture and see it is just a stock image.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I’m sure a lot of people realise “Norah” is not real – unfortunately, there are still some people who believe in astrology and are easily drawn in to the nonsense, to the extent that they even part with their money to buy more so-called predictions. It’s sad, it really is, that in this modern age some people are still so irrational 😦

    • Hi Cathy,

      Norah’s terms and conditions won’t mean diddly squat to the EU and neither will it to the VISA chargeback system. They are based on deception and are not clearly presented. They are unfair conditions and as such illegal.

      The organisation that operates this scam is fraudulent and it is as simple as that… no case to answer. No judge in the civilised world would disagree. I hate to disagree with you on this (though your article and exposé is excellent) and say that you would actually have a 99% chance of getting your money back… The important this is to approach the card company.

      It would be interesting to see how people get on.

  47. i was in a trouble.. i asked for a personal reading to narah… she mailed me.. she said i am going to enter a transit period of 11 weeks… then i unsubscribed… after about 1 year.. again i asked for reading with a different mail id…. the same reading with dates changed… so with jenna… both are frauds

    • Hello Shabeer, If you and your wife are struggling to conceive, I recommend you go see a doctor and get a medical opinion regarding possible fertility problems. A fertility specialist is qualified to do whatever possible to assist and support you.
      Appealing to a fraudulent scam artist like Norah will NOT help you, I’m afraid!
      I wish you all the best and hope you do one day have a beautiful child to love and cherish – but I hope you raise him/her to be a critical thinker, and not to rely on magical thinking to solve life’s problems 🙂

  48. There are occasional incidents when life does provide glimpse of tomorrow. I personally had 2 dreams,when deciphered, provided numbers that appeared in the weekly lottery on the very next day. Had small returns personally,as well as shared these gains with love ones who were with me then, they made small token sums too (out of blind trust). For me, it was the thrill of having experienced those moments of being able to read “tomorrow” that counts more than the monetary gain, I could have lost as well if those numbers did not appear. BTW, between the 2 incidents was a span of 20-25 years, so if anyone is intending that I inform on the next one when it occur next, I may not be around by then. That is Life.

    • Coincidence? If you truly were gifted in some way, surely the lottery numbers would have been more accurate? If you said you had dreamed all the numbers and won big, I’d be less skeptical! However, I’m sure there are millions of people who interpret their dreams to give them a set of numbers, and like you they win a few bucks. I don’t call that precognition – I call that coincidence.

  49. Hi Cathy,

    Thank you for your time dedication to this blog. Norah is now selling herself throughout the word on the Publishers Clearing House website. They set it up so you have no choice but to enter for a free reading if you want to enter their sweepsteaks for a chance to win.
    I myself, being raised in a religious sect and fleeing at the age of 18 am very sceptical of anything or one claiming outerworldy powers…..
    Just for the fun of it I asked for a free reading. All was the same, lucky numbers, vague hints about the past ( how many females out there have not had someting dark in their childhood?)
    My first impression was that it reeked of fraud.
    I have enjoyed hours of reading through your blog and am astonished to see how many people it there have been taken in and decieved by that fraud…
    May your venture be successful and a stop be put to this companies wrongdoing.

    • Thank-you Boots (is that your real name? 🙂
      I am also stunned at how many people are taken in by these so-called psychics…. I think it’s part of their religious upbringing to not allow themselves to question anything, which is sad.
      I do hope people will read and understand what I’m writing, and investigate it for themselves. The only way to understand it is to check it out personally – I hope I have encouraged people to do that 🙂

      • Nope, it’s not my real name… All my friends call me that. Lol
        I think she has a new strategy, I have never replied to anything except the initial emai. For a while, like your blog said, I got the reduced rate, then the reduced reduced offer, then nothing, after that one day I started recieving emails about thing that are so generalized that they could partain to anyone. They are written so cleverly that someone unsuspecting would fall for it and buy her special look offers. They mistiriously always did their way into her communications and are most important to my immmidiate future…. Lol

  50. A year ogo she got me too but i did not have money. I was googling her and got my self on this page, you guy have saved my $79.9. Atleast now iknow, the best thing i can google is a church coz god is free and has a clere, unique guidence(unlike Nora).

    • OR, you could stop putting your trust in things that have no basis in fact (astrology, psychics, religion) and sort out your problems yourself 🙂

      Your family and trusted friends, and your own common sense – that is where you should be going for advice and guidance. You don’t need fakes like Norah or the false promises of any of the many “gods” lining up to take your money (through their trusted “servants” of course.

      • Hi Cynthia

        Please see my response to your other posting.

        This is NOT Norah’s site – I am Cathy, and I am a freethinking, rational human being, not a computer-generated set of standard responses sent out to desperate people in order to trick them out of their money – which is what “Norah” is.

    • Hi Cynthia

      You obviously haven’t read this site, because if you had you would realise that this site is the exact OPPOSITE of Norah! This site is about rational thinking, and tries to debunk “people” like Norah and Jenna and the rest of those frauds.

      Norah is a fake, my dear – she does not exist, and even if she did, she would not be able to answer your questions because there’s no such thing as psychics and astrology is a pile of horseshit too.

      Please take the time to read my site properly. If you STILL feel the need to consult “Norah”. please visit HER site and place your query there 🙂

  51. How do I cancel my subscription with her, I unsubscribed, but they keep taking $9 each month when I call the 800 it wants me to pick a psychic … I don’t want a psychic I just want to stop the payments from my visa

    • Hi Janet, the best would have been to not pay them anything in the first place….
      I suggest you approach your bank and ask them to return the debit orders, and to give you the contact details of whoever is processing those deductions. Then get hold of them and tell them to stop doing it.
      Let us know if you have any joy?

    • Janet… tell your bank you have had your card lost or stolen (even if you haven’t) and the bank will re issue you with a new card and a new bank card number. If the Nora scammers are direct debiting then there is the “direct debit guarantee” see if you can put a stop on that. Finally open another bank account (preferably with another bank) and close this one down if the above measures fail.
      They debit on bank sort code and account numbers .. if they are changed then it is impossible for them to take your money.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    • Let me see…. my crystal ball tells me you need to GET A LIFE, especially a love life, so you don’t waste your precious time on psychics!!

      Mamoraka, please read my blog. If you do, you will see that I am very definitely NOT Norah the World-Class Scam Artist!

      Nobody can see your future, and only you can decide how to run your life. If you need advice, go and speak to a trusted friend, a doctor, a lawyer or even a psychiatrist. DON’T waste your time and money on “Norah”.

  52. I want to unsuscribe to Norah the psychic. My money has been taken fpr past 3 years and iam not receiving anything as my email is closed. Pls help. I don’t know why entered this. Iam broke now.


    • Hello Didi, unfortunately I can’t help you – I’m just the person who is trying to expose her and prevent people like you from losing your money! I think the best thing is to cancel any stop orders in her favour with your bank?

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